Rezolution Design have been providing commercial art and communications since 1986.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Rezolution Design specialise in brand development, graphic design, corporate identity, logo design, web design and web development.

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Web Design & Development

Every day, the internet changes. Keeping abreast of those changes is imperative if you want to remain fresh and current. We love it. We love technology and gadgets and being first. That’s why your website will have the most current operating structure, flawless design – and most importantly – clarity.

Internet Marketing

You’ve heard of that Facebook thing? Contact us to discuss how you can utilise this simple tool to promote your business via social networks.

Print Media & Publishing

We began creating artwork for print back in 1986. No computers then. We used lineboard. Rotring pens and Spraymount (That’s glue that comes in a can). So you can imagine that creating artwork has become far simpler with todays tools. With our extensive history and experience, you can be assured it reaches the printer at the highest standards.

Design Consultancy

We’ve been around the block. Literally.
We have had studios in England, New Zealand and Australia. When it comes to creating artwork or a web presence or a corporate identity we also provide you with some lessons learned from past experiences.
We consult with you – not at you, to acheive the best possible results.




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